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2012Anomalous phase change characteristics in Fe-Te materialsFu, X. T.; Song, W. D.; Ho, H. W.; Ji, R.; Wang, L.; Hong, M. H.
2013Correlation between optical absorption redshift and carrier density in phase change materialsHo, H. W.; Song, W. D.; Bai, K.; Branicio, P. S.; Tan, Teck L.; Ji, R.; Law, L. T.; Ng, C. M.; Lan, Wang.
2012Room-temperature ferromagnetism via unpaired dopant electrons and p-p coupling in carbon-doped In2O3 : experiment and theoryKurmaev, E. Z.; Finkelstein, L. D.; Green, R. J.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Ho, H. W.; Ruan, K. B.; Wang, L.; Moewes, A.