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2018Design and durability study of environmental-friendly room-temperature processable icephobic coatingsWu, Xinghua; Zhao, Xin; Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Chen, Zhong
 2015Effect of titania nano-fillers on the fracture toughness and mechanical performance of hybrid sol-gel coatingsWei, Mengyao; Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Chen, Zhong
 2017In-place synthesis of Pt-modified brookite TiO2 micrometre-sized sensing elements via wet oxidation of Ti/Pt/Ti films on glassHo, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Chen, Zhong; Zuruzi Abu Samah; Nurmawati Muhammad Hanafiah
 2014Multifunctional TiO2 -based particles : the effect of fluorination degree and liquid surface tension on wetting behaviorLai, Yuekun; Zhou, Huanfu; Zhang, Zheng; Tang, Yuxin; Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Huang, Jianying; Tay, Qiuling; Zhang, Keqin; Chen, Zhong; Binks, Bernard P.
2016Photocatalytic and adsorption performance of faceted cuprous oxide (Cu2O)Ho, Jeffrey Weng Chye
2017Photocatalytic and Adsorption Performances of Faceted Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) Particles for the Removal of Methyl Orange (MO) from Aqueous MediaHo, Jeffrey Weng Chye; Tay, Qiuling; Qi, Huan; Huang, Zhaohong; Li, Jiao; Chen, Zhong