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1990Artificial intelligence adaptive control to improve on real-time dynamic process performance : ball burnishing machining operation as its basisLye, Sun Woh; Ho, Nai Choon; Chin, Teck Chai; Loh, Ngiap Hiang; Tam, Siu Chung
1996Enhancement to the quality software system for printed circuit board assemblyLim, Eileen Yee Leng.
2003Generic modeling of computer integrated manufacturing and assembly systemsDe Souza, Robert; Gan, Jacob Gah-Kok; Ho, Nai Choon; Luong, L. H. S.; Yeo, Swee Hock; Yeong, Hin Yuen
1993Integrating operations scheduling and control within a CIM environmentTan, Chak Huah.
1995Petri nets for the modeling, analysis and simulation of flexible manufacturing systemsChin, Kelvyn Chong Keat.