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2020Care, competency, or honesty? Framing emergency preparedness messages and risks for nuclear energy in SingaporeHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Kim, Nuri; Looi, Jiemin; Leong, Alisius D.
2018Communication, cognitive processing, and public knowledge about climate changeHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Yang, Xiaodong
2020Driving without the brain? Effects of value predispositions, media attention, and science knowledge on public willingness to use driverless cars in SingaporeHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Leow, Vetra Jing Xuan; Leung, Yan Wah
2012Ethical considerations of using narrative to communicate scienceDahlstrom, Michael F.; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee
2018Exploring public perceptions of benefits and risks, trust, and acceptance of nuclear energy in Thailand and Vietnam : a qualitative approachHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Oshita, Tsuyoshi; Looi, Jiemin; Leong, Alisius Deon; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei
2018“I can live with nuclear energy if…” : exploring public perceptions of nuclear energy in SingaporeHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Looi, Jiemin; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei; Leong, Alisius Deon; Pang, Natalie
2017The influence of parental practices on child promotive and preventive food consumption behaviors: a systematic review and meta-analysisYee, Andrew Zi Han; Lwin, May Oo; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee
2015Motivators of pro-environmental behavior : examining the underlying processes in the influence of presumed media influence modelLiao, Youqing; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee; Yang, Xiaodong
2018Online, offline, or word-of-mouth? Complementary media usage patterns and credibility perceptions of nuclear energy information in Southeast AsiaHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Leong, Alisius Deon; Looi, Jiemin; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei
2018Protection motivation and communication through nanofood labels : improving predictive capabilities of attitudes and purchase intentions toward nanofoodsCummings, Christopher L.; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee
2018Science literacy or value predisposition? A meta-analysis of factors predicting public perceptions of benefits, risks, and acceptance of nuclear energyHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Leong, Alisius Deon; Looi, Jiemin; Chen, Liang; Pang, Natalie; Tandoc, Edson C., Jr.
2013Value predispositions as perceptual filters : comparing of public attitudes toward nanotechnology in the United States and SingaporeLiang, Xuan; Ho, Shirley Soo Yee; Brossard, Dominique; Xenos, Michael A.; Scheufele, Dietram A.; Anderson, Ashley A.; Hao, Xiaoming; He, Xiaoyu