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 2020Analyticity, regularity, and generalized polynomial chaos approximation of stochastic, parametric parabolic two-scale partial differential equationsHoang, Viet Ha
 2019Bayesian inverse problems for recovering coefficients of two scale elliptic equationsHoang, Viet Ha; Quek, Jia Hao
 2023Bayesian inversion of log-normal eikonal equationsYeo, Zhan Fei; Hoang, Viet Ha
2013An efficient hierarchical multiscale finite element method for stokes equations in slowly varying mediaBrown, Donald L.; Efendiev, Yalchin; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2017A hierarchical finite element Monte Carlo method for stochastic two-scale elliptic equationsHoang, Viet Ha; Brown, Donald L.
 2018High dimensional finite element method for multiscale nonlinear monotone parabolic equationsTan, Wee Chin; Hoang, Viet Ha
2014High dimensional finite elements for multiscale wave equationsXia, Bingxing; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2020High dimensional finite elements for two-scale Maxwell wave equationsChu, Van Tiep; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2017High-dimensional finite elements for multiscale Maxwell-type equationsChu, Van Tiep; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2020Homogenization of a multiscale multi-continuum systemPark, Richard Jun Sur; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2023Multilevel Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian inverse problem for Navier-Stokes equationYang, Juntao; Hoang, Viet Ha
 2016Polynomial approximations of a class of stochastic multiscale elasticity problemsHoang, Viet Ha; Nguyen, Thanh Chung; Xia, Bingxing
2020Reconciling Bayesian and perimeter regularization for binary inversionDunbar, Oliver R. A.; Dunlop, Matthew M.; Elliott, Charles M.; Hoang, Viet Ha; Stuart, Andrew M.
 2021Sparse tensor product high dimensional finite elements for two-scale mixed problemsChu, Van Tiep; Hoang, Viet Ha; Lim, Roktaek