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 2012Boosting multi-kernel locality-sensitive hashing for scalable image retrievalXia, Hao.; Wu, Pengcheng.; Jin, Rong.; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2012Cost-sensitive online classificationHoi, Steven C. H.; Wang, Jialei.; Zhao, Peilin.
 2018Distributed multi-task classification : a decentralized online learning approachZhang, Chi; Zhao, Peilin; Hao, Shuji; Soh, Yeng Chai; Lee, Bu Sung; Miao, Chunyan; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2014Identifying essential pairwise interactions in elastic network model using the alpha shape theoryKoehl, Patrice; Lu, Lanyuan; Xia, Fei; Tong, Dudu; Yang, Lifeng; Wang, Dayong; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2012Introduction to the special section on distance metric learning in intelligent systemsHoi, Steven C. H.; Jin, Rong.; Tang, Jinhui.; Zhou, Zhi-Hua.
 2012Learning Bregman distance functions for semi-supervised clusteringWu, Lei.; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Jin, Rong.; Zhu, Jianke.; Yu, Nenghai.
2014LIBOL : a library for online learning algorithmsWang, Jialei; Zhao, Peilin; Hoi, Steven C. H.
2014Mining weakly labeled web facial images for search-based face annotationWang, Dayong; He, Ying; Zhu, Jianke; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2012Modeling and compressing 3-D facial expressions using geometry videosXia, Jiazhi; Quynh, Dao Thi Phuong; He, Ying; Chen, Xiaoming; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2012Multiview semi-supervised learning with consensusLi, Guangxia; Chang, Kuiyu; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2018Online active learning with expert adviceHao, Shuji; Hu, Peiying; Zhao, Peilin; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan
 2012Online feature selection for mining big dataHoi, Steven C. H.; Wang, Jialei.; Zhao, Peilin.; Jin, Rong.
 2012Online multiple kernel classificationJin, Rong.; Zhao, Peilin.; Yang, Tianbao.; Hoi, Steven C. H.
2012PAMR : passive aggressive mean reversion strategy for portfolio selectionLi, Bin; Zhao, Peilin; Gopalkrishnan, Vivekanand; Hoi, Steven C. H.
 2017Second-order online active learning and its applicationsHao, Shuji; Lu, Jing; Zhao, Peilin; Zhang, Chi; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan