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 2011Cross-cultural management and bicultural identity integration : when does experience abroad lead to appropriate cultural switching?Friedman, Ray; Liu, Wu; Chi, Shu-Cheng Steve; Hong, Ying-Yi; Sung, Li-Kuo
 2013Cultural attachment : a new theory and method to understand cross-cultural competenceHong, Ying-Yi; Fang, Yang; Yang, Ying; Phua, Desiree Y.
 2011Culture as intersubjective representations of valuesWan, Ching; Chiu, Chi-Yue
 2009An intersubjective consensus approach to culture : the role of intersubjective norms versus cultural self in cultural processesChiu, Chi-Yue; Wan, Ching
2017Mere experience of low subjective socioeconomic status stimulates appetite and food intakeCheon, Bobby Kyungbeom; Hong, Ying-Yi
 2011Self-definitional functions of cultureWan, Ching; Dach-Gruschow, Karl; Hong, Ying-yi; No, Sun