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 2012Auction-based resource allocation in cognitive radio systemsHossain, Ekram; Zhang, Yang; Niyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping
2017Charging and Discharging of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) in Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Systems: A Cyber Insurance-Based ModelHoang, Dinh Thai; Wang, Ping; Niyato, Dusit; Hossain, Ekram
2013Evolution and future trends of research in cognitive radio : a contemporary surveyHossain, Ekram; Niyato, Dusit; Kim, Dong In
 2012Game theoretic modeling of cooperation among service providers in mobile cloud computing environmentsNiyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping; Hossain, Ekram; Saad, Walid; Han, Zhu
 2012Joint load balancing and admission control in OFDMA-based femtocell networksLe, Long Bao; Hoang, Dinh Thai; Niyato, Dusit; Hossain, Ekram; Kim, Dong In
2011Optimal channel access management with QoS support for cognitive vehicular networksNiyato, Dusit; Hossain, Ekram; Wang, Ping
2013Optimizations of power consumption and supply in the smart grid : analysis of the impact of data communication reliabilityNiyato, Dusit; Dong, Qiumin; Wang, Ping; Hossain, Ekram
2012Reliability analysis and redundancy design of smart grid wireless communications system for demand side managementNiyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping; Hossain, Ekram
2012Smart grid sensor data collection, communication, and networking: a tutorialKayastha, Nipendra; Niyato, Dusit; Hossain, Ekram; Han, Zhu