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2022Assessing hypoxic damage to placental trophoblasts by measuring membrane viscosity of extracellular vesiclesHuang, Changjin ; Li, Hui; Powell, Juliana S.; Ouyang, Yingshi; Wendell, Stacy G.; Suresh, Subra; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Sadovsky, Yoel; Quinn, David
2021Chloroplast membrane lipid remodeling protects against dehydration by limiting membrane fusion and distortionChng, Choon-Peng; Wang, Kun; Ma, Wei; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Huang, Changjin
2018Controlled molecular self-assembly of complex three-dimensional structures in soft materialsHuang, Changjin; Quinn, David; Suresh, Subra; Hsia, K. Jimmy
2021Curvature-regulated lipid membrane softening of nano-vesiclesChng, Choon-Peng; Sadovsky, Yoel; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Huang, Changjin
2018Differential growth and shape formation in plant organsHuang, Changjin; Wang, Zilu; Quinn, David; Suresh, Subra; Hsia, K. Jimmy
2022Ferroptosis induces membrane blebbing in placental trophoblastsKajiwara, Kazuhiro; Beharier, Ofer; Chng, Choon-Peng; Goff, Julie P.; Ouyang, Yingshi; St Croix, Claudette M.; Huang, Changjin; Kagan, Valerian E.; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Sadovsky, Yoel
2019Organ-on-e-chip : three-dimensional self-rolled biosensor array for electrical interrogations of human electrogenic spheroidsKalmykov, Anna; Huang, Changjin; Bliley, Jacqueline; Shiwarski, Daniel; Tashman, Joshua; Rastogi, Sahil K.; Shukla, Shivani; Mataev, Elnatan; Feinberg, Adam W.; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Cohen-Karni, Tzahi; Arif Abdullah
2021Role of membrane stretch in adsorption of antiviral peptides onto lipid membranes and membrane pore formationChng, Choon-Peng; Cho, Nam-Joon; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Huang, Changjin
2021Site-specific peroxidation modulates lipid bilayer mechanicsChng, Choon-Peng; Sadovsky, Yoel; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Huang, Changjin