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2010Accurate extraction of noise source impedance of an SMPS under operating conditionsCanavero, Flavio G.; Tarateeraseth, Vuttipon; Hu, Bo; See, Kye Yak
2018Design of MIMO antennas for WIFI applicationHu, Bo
 2016Discriminative Action States Discovery for Online Action RecognitionHu, Bo; Yuan, Junsong; Wu, Yuwei
2008Evaluation of ferrite core EMI suppression under realistic working conditionsHu, Bo; See, Kye Yak; Chang, Richard Weng Yew
2014A method for the assessment of EMI suppression performance of ferrite core loaded power cordHu, Bo
2017On-line human activity recognition in video streamsHu, Bo
 2015Porous and hollow NiO microspheres for high capacity and long-life anode materials of Li-ion batteriesHao, Shiji; Zhang, Bowei; Ball, Sarah; Hu, Bo; Wu, Junsheng; Huang, Yizhong
 2022Slit-Robo signalling establishes a sphingosine-1-phosphate gradient to polarise fin mesenchymeMahabaleshwar, Harsha; Asharani, P. V.; Loo, Tricia Yi; Koh, Shze Yung; Pitman, Melissa R.; Kwok, Samuel; Ma, Jiajia; Hu, Bo; Lin, Fang; Li Lok, Xue; Pitson, Stuart M.; Saunders, Timothy E.; Carney, Tom J.