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2014Sequence design for cognitive CDMA communications under arbitrary spectrum hole constraintHu, Su; Liu, Zilong; Guan, Yong Liang; Xiong, Wenhui; Bi, Guoan; Li, Shaoqian
 2018Spectrally-constrained sequences : bounds and constructionsLiu, Zilong; Guan, Yong Liang; Parampalli, Udaya; Hu, Su
2018TDCS-IDMA system for cognitive radio networks with cloudHu, Su; Li, Fan; Guo, Huiting; Wang, Pei; Bi, Guoan; Gao, Yuan; Liu, Zilong; Yu, Bin
2017Training Sequence Design for Efficient Channel Estimation in MIMO-FBMC SystemsHu, Su; Liu, Zilong; Guan, Yong Liang; Jin, Chuanxue; Huang, Yixuan; Wu, Jen-Ming