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 2018Alveolate porous carbon aerogels supported Co9S8 derived from a novel hybrid hydrogel for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Chen, Yifan; Zhang, Mengru; Fu, Gengtao; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2018Facile synthesis of porous Pd3Pt half‐shells with rich "active sites" as efficient catalysts for formic acid oxidationYan, Xiaoxiao; Hu, Xuejiao; Fu, Gengtao; Xu, Lin; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2019Hydrogel-derived honeycomb Ni₃S₄/N,P-C as an efficient oxygen evolution catalystHu, Xuejiao; Li, Tiancheng; Tang, Yidan; Wang, Yirong; Wang, Ao; Fu, Gengtao; Li, Xiaodong; Tang, Yawen
 2019Three-dimensional graphene-supported Ni₃Fe/Co₉S₈ composites : rational design and active for oxygen reversible electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Huang, Tan; Tang, Yawen; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min