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2021A critical review of emerging technologies for electric and hybrid vehiclesLee, Christopher Ho Tin; Hua, Wei; Long, Teng; Jiang, Chaoqiang; Iyer, Lakshmi Varaha
2021Investigation of a 3D-magnetic flux PMSM with high torque density for electric vehiclesChen, Hao; Demerdash, Nabeel A. O.; El-Refaie, Ayman M.; Guo, Youguang; Hua, Wei; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2012Lubricant evolution and depletion under laser heating : a molecular dynamics studyLi, Yong; Wong, Chee How; Li, Bei; Yu, Shengkai; Hua, Wei; Zhou, Weidong
2012Slider posture effects on air bearing in a heat-assisted magnetic recording systemMyo, Kyaw Sett; Zhou, Weidong; Huang, Xiaoyang; Yu, Shengkai; Hua, Wei