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2016Competing for attention: The effects of jealousy on preference for attention-grabbing productsHuang, Irene Xun; Dong, Ping; Wyer Jr, Robert S.
2018Crush on you : romantic crushes increase consumers’ preferences for strong sensory stimuliHuang, Irene Xun; Dong, Ping; Zhang, Meng
2018Feeling disconnected from others : The effects of ambient darkness on hedonic choiceHuang, Irene Xun; Dong, Ping; Labroo, Aparna A.
 2018The impact of death-related media information on consumer value orientation and scope sensitivityJiang, Yuwei; Huang, Tak Zhongqiang; Huang, Irene Xun
2017The influence of social crowding on brand attachmentHuang, Irene Xun; Huang, Tak Zhongqiang; Jr., Robert S. Wyer
2019Romantic crushes promote variety-seeking behaviorHuang, Irene Xun; Dong, Ping
2016Slowing down in the good old days : the effect of nostalgia on consumer patienceHuang, Irene Xun; Huang, Tak Zhongqiang; Wyer Jr., Robert S.