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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Activatable molecular probes for second near-infrared fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and photoacoustic imagingHuang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
2018Cell membrane coated semiconducting polymer nanoparticles for enhanced multimodal cancer phototheranosticsLi, Jingchao; Zhen, Xu; Lyu, Yan; Jiang, Yuyan; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
 2022A dual-locked activatable phototheranostic probe for biomarker-regulated photodynamic and photothermal cancer therapyWei, Xin; Zhang, Chi; He, Shasha; Huang, Jiaguo; Huang, Jingsheng; Liew, Si Si; Zeng, Ziling; Pu, Kanyi
2019A generic approach towards afterglow luminescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive in vivo imagingJiang, Yuyan; Huang, Jiaguo; Zhen, Xu; Zeng, Ziling; Li, Jingchao; Xie, Chen; Miao, Qingqing; Chen, Jie; Chen, Peng; Pu, Kanyi
2018Macrotheranostic Probe with Disease-activated Near-infrared Fluorescence, Photoacoustic and Photothermal Signals for Imaging-guided TherapyZhen, Xu; Zhang, Jianjian; Huang, Jiaguo; Xie, Chen; Miao, Qingqing; Pu, Kanyi
2019Metabolizable semiconducting polymer nanoparticles for second near-infrared photoacoustic imagingJiang, Yuyan; Upputuri, Paul Kumar; Xie, Chen; Zeng, Ziling; Sharma, Arunima; Zhen, Xu; Li, Jingchao; Huang, Jiaguo; Pramanik, Manojit; Pu, Kanyi
 2021Molecular chemiluminescent probes with a very long near-infrared emission wavelength for in vivo imagingHuang, Jingsheng; Jiang, Yuyan; Li, Jingchao; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
2019Molecular optical imaging probes for early diagnosis of drug-induced acute kidney injuryHuang, Jiaguo; Li, Jingchao; Lyu, Yan; Miao, Qingqing; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Multiplex optical urinalysis for early detection of drug-induced kidney injuryCheng, Penghui; Miao, Qingqing; Huang, Jiaguo; Li, Jingchao; Pu, Kanyi
2019Near-infrared afterglow semiconducting nano-polycomplexes for multiplex differentiation of cancer exosomesLyu, Yan; Cui, Dong; Huang, Jiaguo; Fan, Wenxuan; Miao, Yansong; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Near-infrared chemiluminescent reporters for in vivo imaging of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in kidneysHuang, Jingsheng; Huang, Jiaguo; Cheng, Penghui; Jiang, Yuyan; Pu, Kanyi
2018Near-infrared fluorescence probes to detect reactive oxygen species for keloid diagnosisCheng, Penghui; Zhang, Jianjian; Huang, Jiaguo; Miao, Qingqing; Xu, Chenjie; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Near-infrared fluorescent macromolecular reporters for real-time imaging and urinalysis of cancer immunotherapyHe, Shasha; Li, Jingchao; Lyu, Yan; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
2019Photoactivatable organic semiconducting pro-nanoenzymesLi, Jingchao; Huang, Jiaguo; Lyu, Yan; Huang, Jingsheng; Jiang, Yuyan; Xie, Chen; Pu, Kanyi
 2022Renal clearable polyfluorophore nanosensors for early diagnosis of cancer and allograft rejectionHuang, Jiaguo; Chen, Xiaona; Jiang, Yuyan; Zhang, Chi; He, Shasha; Wang, Hangxiang; Pu, Kanyi
2019A renal-clearable duplex optical reporter for real-time imaging of contrast-induced acute kidney injuryHuang, Jiaguo; Lyu, Yan; Li, Jingchao; Cheng, Penghui; Jiang, Yuyan; Pu, Kanyi
 2020A renal-clearable macromolecular reporter for near-infrared fluorescence imaging of bladder cancerHuang, Jiaguo; Jiang, Yuyan; Li, Jingchao; He, Shasha; Huang, Jingsheng; Pu, Kanyi
2019Renal-clearable molecular semiconductor for second near-infrared fluorescence imaging of kidney dysfunctionLi, Jingchao; Huang, Jiaguo; Fan, Quli; Xie, Chen; Zhang, Xiaodong; Jiang, Yuyan; Pu, Kanyi
 2022A renally clearable activatable polymeric nanoprobe for early detection of hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injuryHuang, Jiaguo; Xian, Shiyun; Liu, Yi; Chen, Xiaona; Pu, Kanyi; Wang, Hangxiang
 2021Second near-infrared light-activatable polymeric nanoantagonist for photothermal immunometabolic cancer therapyXu, Cheng; Jiang, Yuyan; Huang, Jingsheng; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi