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 2020Adaptive analysis of crack propagation in thin-shell structures via an isogeometric-meshfree moving least-squares approachLi, Weidong; Nhon, Nguyen-Thanh; Huang, Jiazhao; Zhou, Kun
 2020Adaptive higher-order phase-field modeling of anisotropic brittle fracture in 3D polycrystalline materialsNguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Li, Weidong; Huang, Jiazhao; Zhou, Kun
2019An adaptive isogeometric analysis meshfree collocation method for elasticity and frictional contact problemsNguyen‐Thanh, Nhon; Li, Weidong; Huang, Jiazhao; Srikanth, Narasimalu; Zhou, Kun
 2020An adaptive isogeometric-meshfree coupling approach for the limit analysis of cracked structuresHuang, Jiazhao; Nhon Nguyen-Thanh; Li, Weidong; Zhou, Kun
 2021Buckling analysis of cracked orthotropic 3D plates and shells via an isogeometric-reproducing kernel particle methodKiran, Raj; Nguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Huang, Jiazhao; Zhou, Kun
2020Isogeometric analysis-based approaches for fracture and contact problems of structures and materialsHuang, Jiazhao
 2018An isogeometric-meshfree coupling approach for contact problems by using the third medium methodHuang, Jiazhao; Nguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Zhou, Kun
 2022Multi phase-field modeling of anisotropic crack propagation in 3D fiber-reinforced composites based on an adaptive isogeometric meshfree collocation methodNguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Li, Weidong; Huang, Jiazhao; Zhou, Kun
2023Numerical investigation of fiber orientations and homogeneity in powder bed fusion of fiber/polymer compositesTan, Pengfei; Liu, Xiaojiang; Tey, Wei Shian; Huang, Jiazhao; Zhou, Kun
 2022Static, free vibration, and buckling analyses of laminated composite plates via an isogeometric meshfree collocation approachHuang, Jiazhao; Nguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Gao, Jingwen; Fan, Zheng; Zhou, Kun
 2017Wear characteristics of medical hearing-aid components and friction reduction mechanismsSong, Xu; Huang, Jiazhao; Leu, Seet Wei; Zhou, Kun