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2016Analysis and design of authenticated ciphersHuang, Tao
2021Assessing transboundary-local aerosols interaction over complex terrain using a doppler LiDAR networkHuang, Tao; Li, Yue; Cheng, Jack C. H.; Haywood, Jim; Hon, K. K.; Lam, David H. Y.; Lee, Olivia S. M.; Lolli, Simone; O'Connor, Ewan James; Lee, Harry F.; Wang, Mengya; Yim, Steve Hung Lam
2019A bi-layer multi-time coordination method for optimal generation and reserve schedule and dispatch of a grid-connected microgridLei, Xia; Huang, Tao; Yang, Yi; Fang, Yong; Wang, Peng
2021Characterizing the performance of a POPS miniaturized optical particle counter when operated on a quadcopter droneLiu, Zixia; Osborne, Martin; Anderson, Karen; Shutler, Jamie D.; Wilson, Andy; Langridge, Justin; Yim, Steve Hung Lam; Coe, Huge; Babu, Suresh; Satheesh, Sreedharan K.; Zuidema, Paquita; Huang, Tao; Cheng, Jack C. H.; Haywood, James
2017Improved differential cryptanalysis on Generalized Feistel SchemesTjuawinata, Ivan; Huang, Tao; Wu, Hongjun