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2014Droplet optofluidic imaging for λ-bacteriophage detection via co-culture with host cell Escherichia coliYu, J. Q.; Huang, W.; Chin, L. K.; Lei, L.; Lin, Z. P.; Ser, W.; Chen, H.; Ayi, T. C.; Yap, P. H.; Chen, C. H.; Liu, A. Q.
2006Enzymatic glucose biosensor based on ZnO nanorod array grown by hydrothermal decompositionLei, Y.; Cai, X. P.; Li, Chang Ming; Dong, Zhili; Huang, W.; Wang, J. X.; Wei, A.; Sun, Xiaowei
2006Growth mechanism of tubular ZnO formed in aqueous solutionWei, A.; Xu, C. X.; Yang, Y.; Huang, W.; Sun, Xiaowei; Dong, Zhili; Tan, Swee Tiam
2014Plasmon-enhanced polymer photovoltaic cells based on large aspect ratio gold nanorods and the related working mechanismChen, S. F.; Cheng, F.; Mei, Y.; Peng, B.; Kong, M.; Hao, J. Y.; Zhang, R.; Xiong, Q. H.; Wang, L. H.; Huang, W.
 2020Recent nanosheet-based materials for monovalent and multivalent ions storageLi, Nan; Xu, Xin; Sun, Bowen; Xie, K.; Huang, W.; Yu, Ting
2006Stable field emission from hydrothermally grown ZnO nanotubesWei, A.; Yu, M. B.; Huang, W.; Xu, Chunxiang; Sun, Xiaowei; Dong, Zhili