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2019Digital health professions education on diabetes management : systematic review by the digital health education collaborationHuang, Zhilian; Semwal, Monika; Lee, Shuen Yee; Tee, Mervin; Ong, William; Tan, Woan Shin; Bajpai, Ram; Tudor Car, Lorainne
2017eHealth in the future of medications management: personalisation, monitoring and adherenceCar, Josip; Tan, Woan Shin; Huang, Zhilian; Sloot, Peter; Franklin, Bryony Dean
2020Medication management apps for diabetes : systematic assessment of the transparency and reliability of health information disseminationHuang, Zhilian; Lum, Elaine; Car, Josip
2019Medication management support in diabetes : a systematic assessment of diabetes self-management appsHuang, Zhilian; Lum, Elaine; Jimenez, Geronimo; Semwal, Monika; Sloot, Peter; Car, Josip
2020Performance of digital contact tracing tools for COVID-19 response in Singapore : cross-sectional studyHuang, Zhilian; Guo, Huiling; Lee, Yee-Mun; Ho, Eu Chin; Ang, Hou; Chow, Angela
2019A smartphone app to improve medication adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes in Asia : feasibility randomized controlled trialHuang, Zhilian; Tan, Eberta; Lum, Elaine; Sloot, Peter; Boehm, Bernhard Otto; Car, Josip
2020Smartphone apps for type 2 diabetes self-management and medication adherence : a multi-method studyHuang, Zhilian
2020Use of a real-time locating system for contact tracing of health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic at an infectious disease center in Singapore : validation studyHo, Hanley J.; Zhang, Zoe Xiaozhu; Huang, Zhilian; Aung, Aung Hein; Lim, Wei-Yen; Chow, Angela