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2018Applications of neural networks to the simulation of dynamics of open quantum systemsBandyopadhyay, Sayantan; Huang, Zhongkai; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2019Davydov-Ansatz for Landau-Zener-Stueckelberg-Majorana transitions in an environment : tuning the survival probability via number state excitationWerther, Michael; Grossmann, Frank; Huang, Zhongkai; Zhao, Yang
2019Dissipative dynamics in a tunable Rabi dimer with periodic harmonic drivingHuang, Zhongkai; Zheng, Fulu; Zhang, Yuyu; Wei, Yadong; Zhao, Yang
2018Dynamics of dissipative Landau-Zener transitionsZhao, Yang; Huang, Zhongkai
 2019Electronic and magnetic behavior of 2D metals structures Y on Li(110) surfaceBo, Maolin; Lei, Li; Yao, Chuang; Huang, Zhongkai; Peng, Cheng; Sun, Chang Qing
 2019Electronic structure and bond relaxation at Na/Ta(110) interfaces and 1D-chain and 2D-ring Ta metal structures on Na(110)Bo, Maolin; Lei, Li; Yao, Chuang; Peng, Cheng; Huang, Zhongkai; Sun, Chang Qing
2019Electronic structure of two-dimensional In and Bi metal on BN nanosheetsBo, Maolin; Li, Jibiao; Yao, Chuang; Huang, Zhongkai; Li, Lei; Sun, Chang Qing; Peng, Cheng
2019Monitoring of singlet fission via two-dimensional photon-echo and transient-absorption spectroscopy : simulations by multiple Davydov trial statesSun, Kewei; Huang, Zhongkai; Gelin, Maxim F.; Chen, Lipeng; Zhao, Yang
2018The multiple Davydov D2 Ansatz and its applicationsHuang, Zhongkai
2015Polaron dynamics with a multitude of Davydov D2 trial statesZhou, Nengji; Huang, Zhongkai; Zhu, Jiangfeng; Chernyak, Vladimir; Zhao, Yang
2017Transient dynamics of a one-dimensional Holstein polaron under the influence of an external electric fieldHuang, Zhongkai; Chen, Lipeng; Zhou, Nengji; Zhao, Yang
2018Transient dynamics of super Bloch oscillations of a 1D Holstein polaron under the influence of an external AC electric fieldHuang, Zhongkai; Hoshina, Masayuki; Ishihara, Hajime; Zhao, Yang