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2015Comparison of self-administered survey questionnaire responses collected using mobile apps versus other methodsBelisario, José S Marcano; Jamsek, Jan; Huckvale, Kit; O'Donoghue, John; Morrison, Cecily P; Car, Josip
2019Digital health at fifteen : more human (more needed)Huckvale, Kit; Majeed, Azeem; Car, Josip; Wang, Jason C.
2015The evolution of mobile apps for asthma : an updated systematic assessment of content and toolsHuckvale, Kit; Morrison, Cecily; Ouyang, Jing; Ghaghda, Aseem; Car, Josip
2015Smartphone apps for calculating insulin dose : a systematic assessmentHuckvale, Kit; Adomaviciute, Samanta; Prieto, José Tomás; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Car, Josip
2015Unaddressed privacy risks in accredited health and wellness apps: a cross-sectional systematic assessmentHuckvale, Kit; Prieto, José Tomás; Tilney, Myra; Benghozi, Pierre-Jean; Car, Josip