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2020ASK1 mediates Nur77 expression in T-cell receptor mediated thymocyte apoptosisHuo, Jianxin; Xu, Shengli; Lam, Kong-Peng
2019FAIM : an antagonist of Fas-killing and beyondHuo, Jianxin; Xu, Shengli; Lam, Kong-Peng
2022mRNA booster vaccination enhances antibody responses against SARS-CoV2 omicron variant in individuals primed with mRNA or inactivated virus vaccinesZhang, Biyan; Huo, Jianxin; Huang, Yuhan; Teo, Shuan Yong; Duan, Kaibo; Li, Yanfeng; Toh, Lim Kai; Lam, Kong Peng; Xu, Shengli