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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Comparative study of composite scarf and strap joints for equivalent repair signature under uniaxial tensionSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Padma, S. Ravisankar; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2018Compressive behavior of strut reinforced Kagome structures fabricated by fused deposition modelingGautam, Rinoj; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Koh, Estella Siew Lee
2019Compressive properties of additively manufactured functionally graded kagome lattice structureGautam, Rinoj; Idapalapati, Sridhar
 2022Debonding of carbon fiber veil interleaved adhesively bonded GFRP joints via Joule heatingCaglar, Hasan; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Sharma, Mohit; Chian, Kerm Sin
 2012Design of Alporas aluminum alloy foam cored hybrid sandwich plates using Kriging optimizationLim, Yee Wei; Choi, Hae-Jin; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2020Effect of residual epoxy on single lap joints performanceSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Aggarwal, Atin; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Ng, Charles
2019Effect of surface mechanical treatments on the microstructure-property-performance of engineering alloysKumar, Dharmesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Wang, Wei; Narasimalu, Srikanth
 2018Failure analysis of a failed anchor chain linkIdapalapati, Sridhar; Akisanya, Alfred R.; Loh, Kelvin K. M.; Yeo, Stedston
2020Failure analysis of GFRP single lap joints tailored with a combination of tough epoxy and hyperelastic adhesivesSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Ravichandran, Vignesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2016Failure Mode Analysis Of Kagome Lattice StructuresRinoj, Gautam; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Feih, Stefanie
2004Finite element modelling of powder compaction processRajalingam Manimaran
 2020Flatwise compression and local indentation response of 3D-printed strut-reinforced Kagome with polyurethane fillingGautam, Rinoj; Sridharan, Vijay Shankar; Idapalapati, Sridhar
 2021Fracture toughness of the stomatopod dactyl club is enhanced by plastic dissipation: a fracture micromechanics studyChua, Isaiah Jia Qing; Srinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Miserez, Ali
2006Indentation mechanics of layered solidsZheng, Zuwei.
 2021Influence of residual stress distribution and microstructural characteristics on fatigue failure mechanism in Ni-based SuperalloyKumar, Dharmesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Wang, Wei
2018Material removal analysis for compliant polishing tool using adaptive meshing technique and Archard wear modelArunachalam, Adhithya Plato Sidharth; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2019Microstructural characteristics and strengthening mechanisms in a polycrystalline Ni-based superalloy under deep cold rollingKumar, Dharmesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Wang, Wei; Bhowmik, Ayan
2018Microstructural response and strain hardening in deep cold rolled nickel-based superalloy for aerospace applicationKumar, Dharmesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Wei, Wang
2019Microstructure-mechanical property correlation in shot peened and vibro-peened Ni-based superalloyKumar, Dharmesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Wang, Wei; Child, Daniel J.; Haubold, Thomas; Wong, Chow Cher
 2020A novel retractable stiffener-based disk-shaped active compliant polishing toolArunachalam, Adhithya Plato Sidharth; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Subbiah, Sathyan; Lim, Yee Wei