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2016Bladder catheterization increases susceptibility to infection that can be prevented by prophylactic antibiotic treatmentRousseau, Matthieu; Goh, Hwee Mian Sharon; Holec, Sarah; Albert, Matthew L.; Williams, Rohan B.H.; Ingersoll, Molly A.; Kline, Kimberly A.
2017Enterococcus faecalis Promotes Innate Immune Suppression and Polymicrobial Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract InfectionTien, Brenda Yin Qi; Goh, Hwee Mian Sharon; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Bhaduri-Tagore, Soumili; Holec, Sarah; Dress, Regine; Ginhoux, Florent; Ingersoll, Molly A.; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Kline, Kimberly A.