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2013Agency and facial emotion judgment in contextIto, Kenichi; Mausda, Takahiko; Li, Liman Man Wai
2021Can't fight seeing sadness in tears : measuring the implicit association between tears and sadnessOng, Chew Wei; Ito, Kenichi
2021Changing facebook profile pictures to dyadic photos : positive association with romantic partners' relationship satisfaction via perceived partner commitmentIto, Kenichi; Yang, Shanshan; Li, Liman Man Wai
2019Consumption-oriented engagement in social network sites : undesirable influence on personal well-beingHo, Hillbun; Ito, Kenichi
2020Culture and business : how can cultural psychologists contribute to research on behaviors in the marketplace and workplace?Masuda, Takahiko; Ito, Kenichi; Lee, Jinju; Suzuki, Satoko; Yasuda, Yuto; Akutsu, Satoshi
2021Dialectical versus linear thinking shapes people's anticipation of climate changeLi, Liman Man Wai; Mei, Dongmei; Li, Wen-Qiao; Ito, Kenichi
2012Do surrounding figures' emotions affect judgment of the target figure's emotion? Comparing the eye-movement patterns of European Canadians, Asian Canadians, Asian international students, and JapaneseMasuda, Takahiko; Wang, Huaitang; Ishii, Keiko; Ito, Kenichi
2019Emotional tears communicate sadness but not excessive emotions without other contextual knowledgeIto, Kenichi; Ong, Chew Wei; Kitada, Ryo
2019Holism and pro-environmental commitment : an examination on the mediating roles of affective and cognitive determinantsIto, Kenichi; Li, Liman Man Wai
2019Low residential mobility and novelty-seeking consumptionIto, Kenichi; Tan, Terri Su-May; Lee, Albert; Li, Liman Man Wai
2019Personalizing the customization experience : a matching theory of mass customization interfaces and cultural information processingde Bellis, Emanuel; Hildebrand, Christian; Ito, Kenichi; Herrmann, Andreas; Schmitt, Bernd
2021The relationship between the need to belong and nature relatedness : the moderating role of independent self-construalLi, Liman Man Wai; Liu, Mengru; Ito, Kenichi
2016Shared relationship efficacy of dyad can increase life satisfaction in close relationships : multilevel studyAsano, Ryosuke; Ito, Kenichi; Yoshida, Toshikazu
 2021Unemployment rate predicts anger in popular music lyrics: evidence from top 10 songs in the United States and Germany from 1980 to 2017Qiu. Lin; Chan, Sarah Hian May; Ito, Kenichi; Sam, Joyce Yan Ting
2020Why do cosmopolitan individuals tend to be more pro-environmentally committed? The mediating pathways via knowledge acquisition and emotional affinity toward natureIto, Kenichi; Leung, Angela K.-Y.; Huang, Tengjiao