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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Attacks in Reality: The Limits of Concurrent Error Detection Codes against Laser Fault InjectionBreier, Jakub; He, Wei; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam; Chattopadhyay, Anupam
2019Automatic characterization of exploitable faults : a machine learning approachDasgupta, Pallab; Saha, Sayandeep; Jap, Dirmanto; Patranabis, Sikhar; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep; Bhasin, Shivam
2018Breaking redundancy-based countermeasures with random faults and power side channelSaha, Sayandeep; Jap, Dirmanto; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep; Dasgupta, Pallab
2016Comprehensive laser sensitivity profiling and data register bit-flips in 65 nm FPGAHe, Wei; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2020DAPA : Differential Analysis Aided Power Attack on (non-) linear feedback shift registersSim, Siang Meng; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam
2021DeepFreeze : cold boot attacks and high fidelity model recovery on commercial EdgeML deviceWon, Yoo-Seung; Chatterjee, Soham; Jap, Dirmanto; Basu, Arindam; Bhasin, Shivam
2015Differential Fault Attack on LEAJap, Dirmanto; Breier, Jakub
2017Extensive Laser Fault Injection Profiling of 65 nm FPGABreier, Jakub; He, Wei; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Chef, Samuel; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2018Feature selection methods for non-profiled side-channel attacks on ECCBhasin, Shivam; Ravi, Prasanna; Jungk, Bernhard; Jap, Dirmanto; Najm, Zakaria
2015Laser Profiling for the Back-Side Fault Attacks: With a Practical Laser Skip Instruction Attack on AESBreier, Jakub; Jap, Dirmanto; Chen, Chien-Ning
 2020Machine learning and hardware security : challenges and opportunitiesRegazzoni, Francesco; Bhasin, Shivam; Pour, Amir Ali; Alshaer, Ihab; Aydin, Furkan; Aysu, Aydin; Beroulle, Vincent; Di Natale, Giorgio; Franzon, Paul; Hely, David; Homma, Naofumi; Ito, Akira; Jap, Dirmanto; Kashyap, Priyank; Polian, Ilia; Potluri, Seetal; Ueno, Rei; Vatajelu, Elena-Ioana; Yli-Mäyry, Ville
2020Mind the portability : a warriors guide through realistic profiled side-channel analysisBhasin, Shivam; Chattopadhyay, Anupam; Heuser, Annelie; Jap, Dirmanto; Picek, Stjepan; Shrivastwa, Ritu Ranjan
 2020Neural network-based inherently fault-tolerant hardware cryptographic primitives without explicit redundancy checksAlam, Manaar; Bag, Arnab; Roy, Debapriya Basu; Jap, Dirmanto; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep
2021Non-profiled side-channel attack based on deep learning using picture traceWon, Yoo-Seung; Han, Dong-Guk; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam; Park, Jong-Yeon
2018On comparing side-channel properties of AES and ChaCha20 on microcontrollersNajm, Zakaria; Jap, Dirmanto; Jungk, Bernhard; Picek, Stjepan; Bhasin, Shivam
2019On side channel vulnerabilities of bit permutations in cryptographic algorithmsBreier, Jakub; Jap, Dirmanto; Hou, Xiaolu; Bhasin, Shivam
2016The Other Side of The Coin: Analyzing Software Encoding Schemes Against Fault Injection AttacksBreier, Jakub; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam
2016Physical attacks on block ciphersJap, Dirmanto
2021Physical security of deep learning on edge devices : comprehensive evaluation of fault injection attack vectorsHou, Xiaolu; Breier, Jakub; Jap, Dirmanto; Ma, Lei; Bhasin, Shivam; Liu, Yang
 2019Poster : recovering the input of neural networks via single shot side-channel attacksBatina, Lejla; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam; Picek, Stjepan