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 2012Greener manufacturing : superplastic-like formingJarfors, Anders E. W.; Liu, Jun; Tan, Ming-Jen; Lim, Samuel Chao Voon; Fong, Kai-Soon; Castagne, Sylvie
 2014High temperature deformation behavior of Mg67Zn28Ca5 metallic glass and its compositesFu, X. L.; Tan, Ming Jen; Chen, Y.; Jarfors, Anders E. W.; Gupta, M.; Shek, C. H.
 2012Progressive microforming process : towards the mass production of micro-parts using sheet metalJarfors, Anders E. W.; Ghassemali, Ehsan; Tan, Ming-Jen; Lim, Samuel Chao Voon
2017Tool wear and life span variations in cold forming operations and their implications in microformingCastagne, Sylvie J.; Jarfors, Anders E. W.; Danno, Atsushi; Zhang, Xinping