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2017Damage from lava flows: insights from the 2014–2015 eruption of Fogo, Cape VerdeJenkins, Susanna F.; Day, S. J.; Faria, B. V. E.; Fonseca, J. F. B. D.
2017Estimating building vulnerability to volcanic ash fall for insurance and other purposesJenkins, Susanna F.; Magill, C. R.; Wilson, T. M.; McMullan, K.; Kandlbauer, J.; Blong, R. J.; Grasso, P.
2018Evaluating relative tephra fall hazard and risk in the Asia-Pacific regionJenkins, Susanna F.; Magill, Christina R.; Blong, Russell J.
2019Forecasting explosion repose intervals with a non-parametric Bayesian survival model : application to Sakura-jima volcano, JapanJenkins, Susanna F.; Goldstein, H.; Bebbington, M. S.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Koyaguchi, Takehiro
2020From eruption scenarios to probabilistic volcanic hazard analysis : an example of the Auckland Volcanic Field, New ZealandAng, Pei Shan; Bebbington, Mark S.; Lindsay, Jan M.; Jenkins, Susanna F.
2019Intra-eruption forecastingBebbington, Mark S.; Jenkins, Susanna F.
2018Meteorological controls on local and regional volcanic ash dispersalPoulidis, Alexandros P.; Phillips, Jeremy C.; Renfrew, Ian A.; Barclay, Jenni; Hogg, Andrew; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Robertson, Richard; Pyle, David M.
2020Review article : natural hazard risk assessments at the global scaleWard, Philip J.; Blauhut, Veit; Bloemendaal, Nadia; Daniell, James E.; de Ruiter, Marleen C.; Duncan, Melanie J.; Emberson, Robert; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Kirschbaum, Dalia; Kunz, Michael; Mohr, Susanna; Muis, Sanne; Riddell, Graeme A.; Schäfer, Andreas; Stanley, Thomas; Veldkamp, Ted I. E.; Winsemius, Hessel C.
2018Statistical analysis of dispersal and deposition patterns of volcanic emissions from Mt. Sakurajima, JapanPoulidis, Alexandros P.; Takemi, Tetsuya; Shimizu, Atsushi; Iguchi, Masato; Jenkins, Susanna F.
2019Tephra cushioning of ballistic impacts : quantifying building vulnerability through pneumatic cannon experiments and multiple fragility curve fitting approachesWilliams, George T.; Kennedy, Ben M.; Lallemant, David; Wilson, Thomas M.; Allen, Nicole; Scott, Allan; Jenkins, Susanna F.
2019Timber-framed building damage from tephra fall and lahar : 2015 Calbuco eruption, ChileHayes, Josh L.; Calderón B., Rodrigo; Deligne, Natalia I.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Leonard, Graham S.; McSporran, Ame M.; Williams, George Thomas; Wilson, Thomas M.
2018Very rapid cooling of the energetic pyroclastic density currents associated with the 5 November 2010 Merapi eruption (Indonesia)Trolese, M.; Giordano, G.; Komorowski, J. C.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Baxter, P. J.; Cholik, N.; Raditya, P.; Corrado, S.
2017Volcanic fatalities database : analysis of volcanic threat with distance and victim classificationBrown, Sarah K.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Sparks, R. Stephen J.; Odbert, Henry; Auker, Melanie R.