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2020Dynamic cascading failure analysis in congested urban road networks with self-organizationJia, Hongfei; Li, Feiyan; Yang, Lili; Luo, Qingyu; Li, Yongxing
 2019Game theory modeling for vehicle-pedestrian interactions and simulation based on cellular automataWu, Wenjing; Chen, Runchao; Jia, Hongfei; Li, Yongxing; Liang, Zhikang
2020Identification of critical links in a large-scale road network considering the traffic flow betweenness indexLi, Feiyan; Jia, Hongfei; Luo, Qingyu; Li, Yongxing; Yang, Lili
2019Multi-objective optimization of urban road intersection signal timing based on particle swarm optimization algorithmJia, Hongfei; Lin, Yu; Luo, Qingyu; Li, Yongxing; Miao, Hongzhi
 2019Pedestrian choice behavior analysis and simulation of ticket gate machine in rail transit stationLi, Yongxing; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Chen, Yanyan; Song, Chengcheng; Jia, Hongfei; Lin, Yu
2019Research on a model of node and path selection for traffic network congestion evacuation based on complex network theoryZhang, Guilan; Jia, Hongfei; Yang, Lili; Li, Yongxing; Yang, Jinling
 2019Simulation of separating pedestrian flow in T-shaped passage based on guide sign considering unbalanced flowLi, Yongxing; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Wang, Yan; Chen, Yanyan; Meng, Meng; Jia, Hongfei