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2007Analysis of nonideal effects on a tomography-based switched-capacitor transducerJia, Peng; Chan, Pak Kwong
2019Effect of carbazolyl groups on photophysical properties of cyanuric chlorideGao, Weichen; Su, Yan; Wang, Zhonghao; Zhang, Yongfeng; Zhang, Dan; Jia, Peng; Yang, Chaolong; Li, Youbing; Ganguly, Rakesh; Zhao, Yanli
2020Excitation-dependent long-life luminescent polymeric systems under ambient conditionsSu, Yan; Zhang, Yongfeng; Wang, Zhonghao; Gao, Weichen; Jia, Peng; Zhang, Dan; Yang, Chaolong; Li, Youbing; Zhao, Yanli