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2020Assessment of flood risk exposure for the Foshan-Zhongshan region in Guangdong province, ChinaZhang, Qi; Jian, Wei; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
 2019Cyclone risk model and assessment for East Asian container portsJian, Wei; Liu, Chang; Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee
2020Evaluating pluvial flood hazard for highly urbanised cities : a case study of the Pearl River Delta region in ChinaJian, Wei; Li, Shanshan; Lai, Chengguang; Wang, Zhaoli; Cheng, Xiangju; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Pan, Tso-Chien
2015Modelling of Solitary Wave Run-up on an Onshore Coastal Cliff by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics MethodJian, Wei; Sim, Shawn Yisheng; Huang, Zhenhua; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
2021Probabilistic storm surge hazard using a steady-state surge model for the Pearl River Delta Region, ChinaJian, Wei; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Pan, Tso-Chien