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 2019Algorithms for reconfiguring NoC-based fault-tolerant multiprocessor arraysWu, Jigang; Wu, Yalan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew Kei
2018Area-time efficient streaming architecture for FAST and BRIEF detectorLam, Siew-Kei; Jiang, Guiyuan; Wu, Meiqing; Cao, Bin
2018Automatic pixel-level pavement crack detection using information of multi-scale neighborhoodsAi, Dihao; Jiang, Guiyuan; Li, Chengwu; Lam, Siew Kei
2019Bus travel speed prediction using attention network of heterogeneous correlation featuresYidan, Sun; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; Chen, Shicheng; He, Peilan
2020Designing energy-efficient MPSoC with untrustworthy 3PIP coresSun, Yidan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; Ning, Fangxin
2019Discover the road sequences of bus lines using bus stop information and historical bus locationsZhou, Ying; Jiang, Guiyuan; Jiang, Guifeng
 2018Efficient hybrid multicast approach in wireless data center networkZhu, Longting; Wu, Jigang; Jiang, Guiyuan; Chen, Long; Lam, Siew-Kei
 2018Efficient three-stage auction schemes for cloudlets deployment in wireless access networkZhou, Gangqiang; Wu, Jigang; Chen, Long; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei
2021Learning congestion propagation behaviors for traffic predictionSun, Yidan; He, Peilan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei
 2020Learning heterogeneous traffic patterns for travel time prediction of bus journeysHe, Peilan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-KeI; Sun, Yidan
2021Learning traffic network embeddings for predicting congestion propagationSun, Yidan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; He, Peilan
 2020Multiple-choice hardware/software partitioning for tree task-graph on MPSoCShi, Wenjun; Wu, Jigang; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei
2021Passenger-centric vehicle routing for first-mile transportation considering request uncertaintyNing, Fangxin; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; Ou, Changhai; He, Peilan; Sun, Yidan
2020Peak-hour vehicle routing for first-mile transportation : problem formulation and algorithmsJiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; Ning, Fangxin; He, Peilan; Xie, Jidong
2021Predicting traffic congestion evolution : a deep meta learning approachSun, Yidan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; He, Peilan
 2019Predicting travel time of bus journeys with alternative bus servicesHe, Peilan; Sun, Yidan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei
 2019Travel-time prediction of bus journey with multiple bus tripsHe, Peilan; Jiang, Guiyuan; Lam, Siew-Kei; Tang, Dehua