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2018Femtosecond laser produced hydrophobic hierarchical structures on additive manufacturing partsJiao, Lishi; Song, Jie; Bi, Guijun; Zheng, Hongyu; Chua, Zhong Yang; Moon, Seung Ki
2021Geometric influence of the laser-based powder bed fusion process in Ti6AL4V and AlSi10MgChua, Zhong Yang; Moon, Seung Ki; Jiao, Lishi; Ahn, Il Hyuk
 2021A green and simple method for energy storage and conversion applicationSun , Zixu; Li, Kaibing; Koh, See Wee; Jiao, Lishi
2014Influence of substrate heating on hole geometry and spatter area in femtosecond laser drilling of siliconJiao, Lishi; Moon, Seung Ki; Ng, E. Y. K.; Zheng, H. Y.; Son, H. S.
2019Large-scale fabrication of nanostructure on bio-metallic substrate for surface enhanced raman and fluorescence scatteringLu, Libin; Zhang, Jiaru; Jiao, Lishi; Guan, Yingchun
2018Laser induced hydrophobicity on the TI6AL4V additive manufacturing partsJiao, Lishi; Moon, Seung Ki
2019Laser-induced graphene on additive manufacturing partsChua, Zhong Yang; Moon, Seung Ki; Jiao, Lishi; Song, Jie; Bi, Guijun; Zheng, Hongyu; Lee, Byunghoon; Koo, Jamyeong
 2020Pool boiling heat transfer of saturated water on rough surfaces with the effect of roughening techniquesFan, Simiao; Jiao, Lishi; Wang, Kai; Duan, Fei
2014Study of femtosecond laser pulse drilling of siliconJiao, Lishi