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2012Dependence of negative differential resistance on electronic phase separation in unpatterned manganite filmsDing, J. F.; Jin, K. X.; Zhang, Z.; Tom, Wu
2013Photoinduced phase transition and relaxation in bare SrTiO3 single crystalsJin, K. X.; Luo, B. C.; Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. L.; Wu, T.
2014Prediction of giant magnetoelectric effect in LaMnO3/BaTiO3/SrMnO3 superlattice: The role of n-type SrMnO3/LaMnO3 interfaceChen, L. Y.; Chen, C. L.; Jin, K. X.; Wu, T.
2013Suppression of photovoltaic effect by magnetic field in Pr0.65(Ca0.75Sr0.25)0.35MnO3/Nb:SrTiO3 heterostructureLuo, C.; Jin, K. X.; Chen, C. L.; Wu, T.
2012Tunable photovoltaic effect and solar cell performance of self-doped perovskite SrTiO3Jin, K. X.; Li, Y. F.; Wang, Z. L.; Lin, W. N.; Jin, Y. L.; Jin, K. J.; Soci, C.; Peng, Haiyang; Kyaw, Aung Ko Ko; Sun, Xiaowei; Wu, Tom
2012Ultraviolet photovoltaic effect in BiFeO3/Nb-SrTiO3 heterostructureLi, H.; Jin, K. X.; Yang, S. H.; Wang, J.; He, M.; Luo, B. C.; Wang, J. Y.; Chen, C. L.; Wu, Tom