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 2017Algebraic geometry codes with complementary duals exceed the asymptotic Gilbert-Varshamov boundJin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
2010Application of classical Hermitian self-orthogonal MDS codes to quantum MDS codesJin, Lingfei; Ling, San; Luo, Jinquan; Xing, Chaoping
2013Classical self-orthogonal codes and their applications to quantum codesJin, Lingfei
2019Constructions of maximally recoverable Local Reconstruction Codes via function fieldsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Jin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
2014Erasure List-Decodable Codes From Random and Algebraic Geometry CodesDing, Yang; Jin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
 2011Euclidean and Hermitian self-orthogonal algebraic geometry codes and their application to quantum codesJin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
 2012Good linear codes from polynomial evaluationsDing, Yang; Jin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
2014New Binary Codes From Rational Function FieldsJin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
 2018Repairing algebraic geometry codesJin, Lingfei; Luo, Yuan; Xing, Chaoping