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2017Design method of radiant cooling area based on the relationship between human thermal comfort and thermal balanceGao, Song; Li, Yang; Zhao, Min; Wang, Yuang; Yang, Xiaohu; Yang, Chun; Jin, Liwen
2017Experimental investigation of a spiral tube embedded latent thermal energy storage tank using paraffin as PCMZhang, Siming; Zhang, Liyu; Yang, Xiaohu; Yu, Xiaoling; Duan, Fei; Jin, Liwen; Meng, Xiangzhao
2006Forced convection heat transfer in a porous channel subjected to oscillating flowJin, Liwen
2019Triple condensate halo from a single water droplet impacting upon a cold surfaceZhao, Yugang; Zhu, Fangqi; Zhang, Hui; New, Tze How; Jin, Liwen; Yang, Chun