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 2012Osmotic power production from salinity gradient resource by pressure retarded osmosis : effects of operating conditions and reverse solute diffusionShe, Qianhong; Jin, Xue; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2012Rejection of pharmaceuticals by forward osmosis membranesJin, Xue; Shan, Junhong; Wang, Can; Wei, Jing; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2012Relating reverse and forward solute diffusion to membrane fouling in osmotically driven membrane processesShe, Qianhong; Jin, Xue; Li, Qinghua; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2011Removal of boron and arsenic by forward osmosis membrane : influence of membrane orientation and organic foulingJin, Xue; She, Qianhong; Ang, Xueli; Tang, Chuyang Y.