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 2013Active control of SPR by thermoresponsive hydrogels for biosensor applicationsToma, Mana; Jonas, Ulrich; Mateescu, Anca; Knoll, Wolfgang; Dostálek, Jakub
2017Free-standing hydrogel-particle composite membrane with dynamically controlled permeabilitySergelen, Khulan; Petri, Christian; Jonas, Ulrich; Dostalek, Jakub
 2014Molecularly imprinted polymer waveguides for direct optical detection of low-molecular-weight analytesSharma, Nityanand; Petri, Christian; Jonas, Ulrich; Bach, Monika; Tovar, Günter; Mrkvová, Kateřina; Vala, Milan; Homola, Jiří; Knoll, Wolfgang; Dostálek, Jakub