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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012An area and energy efficient inner-product processor for serial-link bus architectureMeher, Manas Ranjan; Jong, Ching Chuen; Chang, Chip Hong
 2012A compact 16-bit dual-slope integrating circuit for direct analog-to-residue conversionTang, Howard; Low, Joshua Yung Lih; Low, Jeremy Yung Shern; Siek, Liter; Jong, Ching Chuen; Chang, Chip Hong
2008Contention resolution : a new approach to versatile subexpressions sharing in multiple constant multiplicationsXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2005Contention resolution algorithm for common subexpression elimination in digital filter designXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2001Data path allocation with interconnection optimization in high-level synthesisZhu, Hongwei.
2001Design and synthesis of a microprocessor core using VHDLWong, Chee Heng.
2001Design of an integrated circuit for speaker independent isolated word speech recognitionTeh, Chih Chiang.
2007Design of low-complexity FIR filters based on signed-powers-of-two coefficients with reusable common subexpressionsXu, Fei; Chang, Chip Hong; Jong, Ching Chuen
2002Development of a software program for module allocation and interconnection optimisation in high-level synthesis of VLSI systemsGoo, Chong Kiat.
1996Development of a software program for synthesis of VLSI systemsJong, Ching Chuen
2003Development of an IC for isolated speech recognition using high-level synthesis approachJong, Ching Chuen; Siek, Liter; Ng, Lian Soon
2003Ethernet module design for a 32-bit micro controllerZhang, Lei
 2012A fast and compact circuit for integer square root computation based on Mitchell logarithmic methodLow, Joshua Yung Lih; Jong, Ching Chuen; Low, Jeremy Yung Shern; Tay, Thian Fatt; Chang, Chip Hong
2000Functional area lower bound and upper bound on multicomponent selection for interval schedulingShen, Zhao Xuan; Jong, Ching Chuen
1996High-level synthesis of large digital systems based on precedence bipartite modelShen Zhaoxuan.
2008High-speed and low-power serial accumulator for serial/parallel multiplierMeher, Manas Ranjan; Jong, Ching Chuen; Chang, Chip Hong
 2018A high-throughput VLSI architecture for real-time full-HD gradient guided image filterWu, Lei; Jong, Ching Chuen
2001IC CAD & design automationJong, Ching Chuen
2006Implementation of digital systems on FPGA devicesChen, Lan.
2003Investigation of design techniques to reduce glitches for low powerFoo, Chee Yin.