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2019Ageing and efficiency aware battery dispatch for arbitrage markets using mixed integer linear programmingHesse, Holger C.; Kumtepeli, Volkan; Schimpe, Michael; Reniers, Jorn; Howey, David; Tripathi, Anshuman; Wang, Youyi; Jossen, Andreas
2020Energy arbitrage optimization with battery storage : 3D-MILP for electro-thermal performance and semi-empirical aging modelsKumtepeli, Volkan; Hesse, Holger C.; Schimpe, Michael; Tripathi, Anshuman; Wang, Youyi; Jossen, Andreas
2014Improved lithium-ion battery model with hysteresis effectTseng, King Jet; Tjandra, Rudy; Thanagasundram, Suguna; Jossen, Andreas
2015A lumped electro-thermal model for Li-ion cells in electric vehicle applicationMakinejad, Kamyar; Arunachala, Raghavendra; Arnold, Sabine; Ennifar, Hassen; Zhou, Han; Jossen, Andreas; Wen, Changyun