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 2012Clonal analysis for elucidating the lineage potential of embryonic NG2+ cellsJu, Peijun; Liu, Rui; Yang, Hai-Jie; Xia, Yinyan; Feng, Zhiwei
 2012Induction of neuronal phenotypes from NG2+ glial progenitors by inhibiting epidermal growth factor receptor in mouse spinal cord injuryJu, Peijun; Zhang, Si; Yeap, Yeeshan; Feng, Zhiwei
2012Silencing of diphthamide synthesis 3 (Dph3) reduces metastasis of murine melanomaWang, Lei; Shi, Yu; Ju, Peijun; Liu, Rui; Yeo, Siok Ping; Xia, Yinyan; Owlanj, Hamed; Feng, Zhiwei