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20153D barcodes : theoretical aspects and practical implementationGladstein, David; Kakarala, Ramakrishna; Baharav, Zachi
2013Can relative skill be determined from a photographic portfolio?Premachandran, Vittal; Somavarapu, Rajesh; Kakarala, Ramakrishna; Agrawal, Abhishek
2015Comparing humans to automation in rating photographic aestheticsKakarala, Ramakrishna; Agrawal, Abhishek; Morales, Sandino
2015Efficient capacitive touch sensing using structured matricesAkhtar, Humza; Kakarala, Ramakrishna
2017A review of sensing technologies for small and large-scale touch panelsQian, Kemao; Kakarala, Ramakrishna; Akhtar, Humza
2015Shape simplification through polygonal approximation in the fourier domainAndrews, Mark; Kakarala, Ramakrishna