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2018Agent based aggregated behavior modelling for electric vehicle charging loadChaudhari, Kalpesh Subhash; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; Krishnan, Ashok; Ukil, Abhisek; Gooi, Hoay Beng
 2017Agent-based modelling of EV energy storage systems considering human crowd behaviorChaudhari, Kalpesh; Su, Piao Sen Fabian; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; Ukil, Abhisek; Gooi, Hoay Beng
2016Integration of electric vehicles into power gridKandasamy, Nandha Kumar
 2017Modeling of charging profiles for stationary battery systems using curve fitting approachKanamarlapudi, Ravi Kishore; Chaudhari, Kalpesh; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Ukil, Abhisek
 2018A new ZVS full-bridge DC-DC converter for battery charging with reduced losses over full-load rangeKanamarlapudi, Venkata Ravi Kishore; Wang, Benfei; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; So, Ping Lam
2018Smart lighting system using ANN-IMC for personalized lighting control and daylight harvestingSoong, Boon-Hee; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; Karunagaran, Giridharan; Spanos, Costas; Tseng, King Jet
2017Virtual storage capacity using demand response management to overcome intermittency of solar PV generationKandasamy, Nandha Kumar; Tseng, King Jet; Soong, Boon Hee