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2000Hydraulic permeability of (un)bounded fibrous media using the lattice Boltzmann methodClague, D. S.; Kandhai, D.; Zhang, R.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
2002Influence of stagnant zones on transient and asymptotic dispersion in macroscopically homogeneous porous mediaKandhai, D.; Hlushkou, D.; Hoekstra, Alfons G.; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Van As, H.; Tallarek, U.
 2012Modeling options markets by focusing on active tradersQiu, G.; Kandhai, D.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
1998Permeability of three-dimensional random fiber websKoponen, A.; Kandhai, D.; Hellén, E.; Alava, M.; Hoekstra, Alfons G.; Kataja, M.; Niskanen, K.; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Timonen, J.
 2012Understanding complex dynamics in derivatives finance : why do options markets smile?Qiu, G.; Kandhai, D.; Johnson, N. F.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
2007Understanding the complex dynamics of stock markets through cellular automataQiu, G.; Kandhai, D.; Sloot, Peter M. A.