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 2019Amplifying the collective (data) body : screens as relational interfaces in the works of Krzysztof Wodiczko and Refik AnadolKang, Kristy H. A.
2018Emergent visions : adjacency and urban screensKang, Kristy H. A.; Stephanie DeBoer; Anne Balsamo
2018FemTechSonic : playlists of global collaboration and connected learningHoagland, George; Agloro, Alexandrina; Cong-Huyen, Anne; Kang, Kristy H. A.; Paredes, Veronica; Wu, Hong-An
 2019Interfaces and intentionalities : adjacent practices of urban media arts in SingaporeKang, Kristy H. A.
2019Machine flaws in generative artGrba, Dejan; Todorović, Vladimir; Boye, Paul; Kang, Kristy H. A.; Pandilovski, Melentie
2016Mapping the intangible cultural heritage of ethnic communities : designing an interactive cultural history of KoreatownKang, Kristy H. A.
2019Practices and poetics of urban media art in the shadows of the illuminated cityDeBoer, Stephanie; Woods, Elliot; Kang, Kristy H. A.