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2015Exciton-photon correlations in bosonic condensates of exciton-polaritonsKavokin, Alexey V.; Sheremet, Alexandra S.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Lagoudakis, Pavlos G.; Rubo, Yuri G.
2012Nonlinear optical spin hall effect and long-range spin transport in polariton lasersLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Kammann, E.; Ohadi, H.; Cilibrizzi, P.; Tsotsis, P.; Hatzopoulos, Z.; Savvidis, P. G.; Lagoudakis, P. G.; Kavokin, Alexey V.
2012Photon and Polariton Condensates in MicrocavitiesLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Lagoudakis, Konstantinos G.; Kammann, Elena; Ohadi, Hamid; Maragkou, Maria; Lagoudakis, Pavlos G.
2015Polarization shaping of Poincaré beams by polariton oscillationsColas, David; Dominici, Lorenzo; Donati, Stefano; Pervishko, Anastasiia A.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Ballarini, Dario; Giorgi, Milena de; Bramati, Alberto; Gigli, Giuseppe; Valle, Elena del; Laussy, Fabrice P.; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Sanvitto, Daniele
2013Proposal for a bosonic cascade laserLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Glazov, M. M.; Kavokin, K. V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Kaliteevski, M. A.; Kavokin, Alexey V.
2012Superconductivity with excitons and polaritons : review and extensionShelykh, Ivan A.; Laussy, Fabrice P.; Taylor, Thomas.; Kavokin, Alexey V.
2013Terahertz emitter based on dipolaritonsKyriienko, Oleksandr; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Ultra-fast spinor switching in polariton condensatesAskitopoulos, Alexis; Ohadi, Hamid; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin; Hatzopoulos, Zaharias; Savvidis, Pavlos G.; Kavokin, Alexey V.; Lagoudakis, Pavlos G.
2012Vertical cavity surface emitting terahertz laserGlazov, M. M.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Taylor, Thomas.; Kavokin, Alexey V.