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2015Asymmetric synthesis of N-benzyl-5-methylhydroxy-piperidone and modular synthesis of C1-substituent tetrahydroisoquinolines (THIQ) and C2-symmetric bisisoquinolines (C2-BIQ) and their catalytic application in enantioselective Henry reactionKhong, Duc Thinh
 2018Efficient synthesis of α-glycosyl chlorides using 2-chloro-1,3-dimethylimidazolinium chloride : a convenient protocol for quick one-pot glycosylationTatina, Madhu Babu; Khong, Duc Thinh; Judeh, Zaher M.A.
 2021Nanosensor detection of synthetic auxins in planta using corona phase molecular recognitionAng, Mervin Chun-Yi; Dhar, Niha; Khong, Duc Thinh; Lew, Tedrick Thomas Salim; Park, Minkyung; Sarangapani, Sreelatha; Cui, Jianqiao; Dehadrai, Aniket; Singh, Gajendra Pratap; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Sarojam, Rajani; Strano, Michael
2022An orthogonal approach for the precise synthesis of phenylpropanoid sucrose estersOng, Li Lin; Wong, Kathy Pooi Wen; Raj, Surhabi Deva; Khong, Duc Thinh; Panda, Parthasarathi; Santoso, Mardi; Judeh, Zaher M. A.
 2018Short synthesis of phenylpropanoid glycosides calceolarioside A and syringalide BKhong, Duc Thinh; Judeh, Zaher M. A.
2022Targeted synthesis of 3,3'-, 3,4'- and 3,6'-phenylpropanoid sucrose estersWong, Kathy Pooi Wen; Ong, Li Lin; Devaraj, Surabhi; Khong, Duc Thinh; Judeh, Zaher M. A.