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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The 2016 thermal spray roadmapVardelle, Armelle; Moreau, Christian; Akedo, Jun; Ashrafizadeh, Hossein; Berndt, Christopher C.; Berghaus, Jörg Oberste; Boulos, Maher; Brogan, Jeffrey; Bourtsalas, Athanasios C.; Dolatabadi, Ali; Dorfman, Mitchell; Eden, Timothy J.; Fauchais, Pierre; Fisher, Gary; Gaertner, Frank; Gindrat, Malko; Henne, Rudolf; Hyland, Margaret; Irissou, Eric; Jordan, Eric H.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Killinger, Andreas; Lau, Yuk-Chiu; Li, Chang-Jiu; Li, Li; Longtin, Jon; Markocsan, Nicolaie; Masset, Patrick J.; Matejicek, Jiri; Mauer, Georg; McDonald, André; Mostaghimi, Javad; Sampath, Sanjay; Schiller, Günter; Shinoda, Kentaro; Smith, Mark F.; Syed, Asif Ansar; Themelis, Nickolas J.; Toma, Filofteia-Laura; Trelles, Juan Pablo; Vassen, Robert; Vuoristo, Petri
1999Advanced composite materials produced by novel spray formed in-situ reaction processesKhor, Khiam Aik
2006Boride layer growth kinetics during boriding of molybdenum by the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technologyYu, L. G.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Sundararajan, G.
2003Characterisation of thermal sprayed bioceramics coatingsAu Yong, Po Lung.
2006Characteristics of the nanostructures in thermal sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings and their influence on coating propertiesLi, H.; Khor, Khiam Aik
2006Chemical analysis of silica doped hydroxyapatite biomaterials consolidated by a spark plasma sintering methodXu, Jinling; Khor, Khiam Aik
 2008Comparative proteomics profile of osteoblasts cultured on dissimilar hydroxyapatite biomaterials : an iTRAQ-coupled 2-D LC-MS/MS analysisKhor, Khiam Aik; Xu, Jinling; Sui, Jianjun; Zhang, Jianhua; Tan, Tuan Lin; Chen, William Wei Ning
2004Developing hydroxyapatite CAPS coatings on metallic implants for tissue replacementMontserrat Espanol Pons.
1992Development of a ceramic processing system for microelectronics and thermo-mechanical applicationsKhor, Khiam Aik
1994Development of advanced fibre reinforced thermoplastics with consistent and reliable qualityYue, Chee Yoon; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Khor, Khiam Aik
1996Development of advanced materials by a high velocity spray forming techniqueKhor, Khiam Aik
2010Development of translucent oxyapatite ceramics by spark plasma sinteringShen, Yiqiang; Xu, Jinling; Tang, Dingyuan; Khor, Khiam Aik; Dong, Zhili; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2018Dynamic fracture mechanism of quasicrystal-containing Al–Cr–Fe consolidated using spark plasma sinteringKhor, Khiam Aik; Li, Ruitao; Wang, Zhiyong; Li, Zhong; Dong, Zhili
2000Dynamic mechanical and thermal shock characteristics of NiCoCrAlY/YSZ composite coatingsChia, Chee Tat.
2007The effect of boron-pack refreshment on the boriding of mild steel by the spark plasma sintering (SPS) processChen, X. J.; Yu, L. G.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Sundararajan, G.
2006Effect of steam treatment during plasma spraying on the microstructure of hydroxyapatite splats and coatingsLi, H.; Cheang, P.; Khor, Khiam Aik
2004Evaluation of spark plasma sintered (SPS) hydroxyapatite powdersChow, Vicky Yuen San.
 2012Fabrication and spectroscopic characterization of Ce3+ doped Sr2Y8(SiO4)6O2 translucent ceramicsShen, Yiqiang; Chen, Rui; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Xu, Jinling; Sun, Handong; Khor, Khiam Aik; Dong, Zhili
2005FeB/Fe2B phase transformation during SPS pack-boriding : boride layer growth kineticsYu, L. G.; Chen, X. J.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Sundararajan, G.
2007High-performance gadolinia-doped ceria-based intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cellsLiu, Qinglin