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2018Effect of coating thickness on microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture behaviour of cold sprayed Ti6Al4V coatings on Ti6Al4V substratesTan, Adrian Wei-Yee; Sun, Wen; Bhowmik, Ayan; Lek, Jun Yan; Marinescu, Iulian; Li, Feng; Khun, Nay Win; Dong, Zhili; Liu, Erjia
 2017Effect of shot peening process on the fatigue life of shot peened low alloy steelTrung, Pham Quang; Khun, Nay Win; Butler, David Lee
2019Effects of Nd : YAG laser surface treatment on tribological properties of cold-sprayed Ti-6Al-4V coatings tested against 100Cr6 steel under dry conditionKhun, Nay Win; Tan, Adrian Wei Yi; Sun, Wen; Liu, Erjia
 2016Effects of substrate bias on tribological properties of diamondlike carbon thin films deposited via microwave-excited plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionNeville, Anne; Kolev, Ivan; Zhao, Hongyuan; Khun, Nay Win
2015Enhancing electrical and tribological properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) matrix nanocomposite films by co-incorporation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and silicon dioxide microparticlesKhun, Nay Win; Loong, Poh Yueh; Liu, Erjia; Li, Lin
2016Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Cold-Sprayed Ti Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V SubstratesKhun, Nay Win; Tan, Adrian Wei Yee; Liu, Erjia
2016Potential of cold spray as additive manufacturing for Ti6Al4VWen, Sun; Marinescu, Iulian; Khun, Nay Win; Dong, Zhili; Liu, Erjia; Tan, Adrian Wei-Yee
 2014Short carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy tribomaterials self-lubricated by wax containing microcapsulesTang, Xiu-zhi; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei; Khun, Nay Win; Zhang, He
2011Structure and electrochemical behavior of nitrogen doped diamond-like carbon thin films with or without platinum and ruthenium dopingKhun, Nay Win
 2015Thermal, mechanical and tribological properties of polyamide 6 matrix composites containing different carbon nanofillersCheng, Henry Kuo Feng; Li, Lin; Khun, Nay Win; Liu, Erjia
 2020Tribological behavior of cold sprayed Inconel 718 coatings at room and elevated temperaturesSun, Wen; Tan, Adrian Wei Yee; King, Donavan Jia Ying; Khun, Nay Win; Bhowmik, Ayan; Marinescu, Iulian; Liu, Erjia
 2012Tribological performance of silicone composite coatings filled with wax-containing microcapsulesYang, J. L.; Liu, E.; Khun, Nay Win; Zhang, Hua
 2018Tribological properties of three-dimensionally printed Ti-6Al-4V material via electron beam melting process tested against 100Cr6 steel without and with Hank's solutionKhun, Nay Win; Toh, Wei Quan; Tan, Xi Peng; Liu, Erjia; Tor, Shu Beng
2017Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Thick Ti-6Al-4V Coating Deposited on Ti-6Al-4V Substrate via High-Pressure Cold SprayKhun, Nay Win; Tan, Adrian Wei Yee; Liu, Erjia; Sun, Wen
 2014Wear resistant epoxy composites with diisocyanate-based self-healing functionalityKhun, Nay Win; Sun, D. W.; Huang, M. Xiaoyang; Yang, Jiang Lei; Yue, Chee Yoon