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2017All-optical band engineering of gapped Dirac materialsKibis, O. V.; Dini, K.; Iorsh, I. V.; Shelykh, I. A.
2012Asymmetric quantum dot in a microcavity as a nonlinear optical elementSavenko, I. G.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Band gaps induced by vacuum photons in closed semiconductor cavitiesKibis, O. V.; Arnardottir, K. B.; Shelykh, I. A.
2016Datta-and-Das spin transistor controlled by a high-frequency electromagnetic fieldSheremet, A. S.; Kibis, O. V.; Kavokin, A. V.; Shelykh, I. A.
2016Magnetic properties of a two-dimensional electron gas strongly coupled to lightDini, K.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, I. A.
2016Magnetoelectronic properties of graphene dressed by a high-frequency fieldKibis, O. V.; Morina, S.; Dini, K.; Shelykh, I. A.
2019On the possibility of a terahertz light emitting diode based on a dressed quantum wellMandal, S.; Dini, K.; Kibis, O. V.; Liew, T. C. H.
2016Optically controlled periodical chain of quantum ringsHasan, M.; Iorsh, I. V.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2014Optically induced Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic ringsSigurdsson, H.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, Ivan
2013Persistent current induced by vacuum fluctuations in a quantum ringKibis, O. V.; Kyriienko, O.; Shelykh, I. A.
2014Semiconductor cavity QED : band gap induced by vacuum fluctuationsEspinosa-Ortega, T.; Kyriienko, O.; Kibis, O. V.; Shelykh, I. A.